Lab 5 Bertram

30 Oct

As a start I would like to thank Grayson Perry for attempting to demystify the world of contemporary art in the BBC Reith Lecture series. He does so with intelligence and humour, and it seems he is quite prepared to take constructive pot shots at the Art Establishment. He points out the daft idiosyncrasies as much as he celebrates the success of a market that stretches across the globe. This latter point is also the art market’s down side as more and more influence is being held by just a small group of international dealers who have the resources to play the game at the highest level. The result is that middle tier galleries are struggling to survive since they can’t reach the collectors/buyers with deep pockets but have to deal with rising rents and the cost of participating in international art fairs if they wish to try to compete. It is not a level playing field. There is much debate as to where this is heading, and the consequences for the health of art market as a whole, including a panel discussion at this year’s Basel Art Fair and several blog conversations arising from it.

Any thoughts?

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