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Highlights of Summer 2016 PART ONE Featured

E A Walton 'The Bend in the River' E A Walton 'The Bend in the River'
14 Apr

The Glasgow Boys – a Spirit of Rebellion at St Andrews Museum

While in St Andrews as part of my work with the Barns-Graham Charitable Trust I dropped into St Andrew Museum and found a wonderful collection of works by the Glasgow Boys selected by Kirkcaldy Art Gallery.  It has been too long since I had seen their work and a revisit long overdue.

Linked by friendship and a shared desire to challenge the artistic traditions of late 19th century Scotland, the Glasgow Boys became one of the most significant groups of painters working in Britain at that time. A loose association of around 20 artists, many of them went on to enjoy critical acclaim and commercial success, both at home and abroad.

The exhibition looked at the evolving style of the Glasgow Boys and their impact on the art world. It featured works by leading members of the group and many others associated with it, including Arthur Melville, John Lavery, E A Hornel, George Henry, James Guthrie, Joseph Crawhall, E A Walton, Alexander Roche and Thomas Corsan Morton.

Perfectly scaled in size, this was a gem of an exhibition. These are just a few examples:


E A Hornel 'Seashore Roses'
John Lavery 'My House in Morocco'
George Henry 'Lady with Goldfish'
W Y Macgregor 'Summer Landscape'
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