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28 Jan

Welcome to 2014. Other than the widespread flooding I can see on the Somerset Levels from my office window (the landscape has become an inland archipelago!) the year has started off well. The London Art Fair mid-month shone a positive light on the Modern British art and Contemporary art scene with well-presented collections. Modern British was well represented with a special invited display from The Hepworth Wakefield Art Gallery, supported with fine works on the stands of Austin Desmond, Jonathan Clark and Rowntree Clark. Personally I was delighted with the display of paintings from 1945 to 1995 by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham at Art First. I have to admit to some bias here as I assisted in the selection and wrote the catalogue but the gallery made the paintings look wonderful, in a spacious, well laid out display, as a solo presentation.

The catalogue, which combines this event with an exhibition of the artist’s late paintings to come in March, can be seen here.

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