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Ione Parkin - Primal Matter Featured

12 Dec

12 December 2013 - I have been a supporter of Ione Parkin since I first exhibited her paintings at Art First in 1995. Her work explores themes of interconnectedness and diversity in the natural world and I have written about her in the past as you will find here. Ione has an exhibition of new work, Primal Matter, on show at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath, running until 2 February 2014. This is a stunning selection of paintings though I confess I am very partial to the works on paper in which the paper has been scrunched up to create a very physical, relief-like surfaces. Overall these images can be seen either as over-magnified textures of organic matter or reflections of distant galaxies as seen from the Hubble telescope. Either way, the sense of space absorbs the eye.

Victoria Art Gallery, by Pulteney Bridge, Bath BA2 4AT web site

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