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James Hutton's The Theory of the Earth - The Lost Drawings

31 Oct

James Hutton's Theory of the Earth: The Lost Drawings

Text by G.Y.Craig,  D.B.McIntyre,  C.D.Waterston  Edited by G.Y.Craig

Featuring the drawings by John Clerk of Eldin commissioned by James Hutton to illustrate his book.

Scottish Academic Press in association with the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Geological Society of London

Published 1978 - Hardback - 283 x 277 mm - ISBN 0 7030 218 9

Facsimiles of John Clerk of Eldin's geology drawings, available individually or as a set of 27, can be purchased, priced @ £10 - £25 each. Please contact me for further information.

Very Good Condition

Price: £50

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