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Anna Gardiner

02 Aug

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Anna Gardiner - Girl in Floral Dress - 1996
watercolour - 20 x 19.5 cm
Framed - 43 x 36 cm
Price £200

Anna Gardiner graduated from Royal Academy Schools in 1994. Her images illustrate chance encounters, small events and surprises that illustrate life in flow. Children were the subjects of her early paintings, often offfset against abstract, strongly coloured, patterned backgrounds. These characters are not based on any one individual but are composites based on her observations and studies of the world around her.

Recent works are inspired by walks around north London investigate the relationship between people and their environment. A superb colourist, Gardiner's paintings are wonderfully textured, layering pigment upon pigment, through which is revealed the painting's construction. She works in London.

Winterised is a classic example of her finely captured 'portraits'.

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