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Karel Dujardin

09 Sep

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Karel Dujardin - The Shepherd behind the Tree - 1656
etching -  15 x 17.5 cm   'K Dujardin fec 1656' in top left of plate. Trimmed to plate.
Slight discolouration from old adhesive (from being in an album) does not detract from image. Small invisible repair in centre.
Unframed - £150

KAREL DUJARDIN was a Dutch painter and etcher, born 1626 in Amsterdam. He is best known for his Italianate landscapes. It is thought, though not proven, that he was pupil of Nicholaes Berghem, himself an artist who admired Italian landscape art. Dujardin went to Italy at a young age and became a member of the Society of Painters, or Bentvueghels, in Rome among whom he was known as ‘Barba di Becco’ or ‘goatee’! He returned to Amsterdam in 1659 via Lyon and Paris, and remained there until 1675, before returning to Italy. He died unexpectedly in Venice in 1678. 

Dujardin was a successful and versatile artist who painted landscapes, cattle and portraits as well as religious and mythological scenes. His work was highly valued and he enjoyed considerable wealth. The pastoral atmosphere of this etching is typical, and has great visual appeal. The character of the scene reflects the inspiration from the Roman Campagna and bears similarity with animal pictures by other Dutch artists such as Paulus Potter and Jan Both.

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